Best Books in 2021

I’ve seen great number of “Best of 2021,” and beggars the question, was there anything really good from that year? For me, reading-wise, like books I read? I was trying to guess at favorites.

Best Books in 2021

  1. Stephen King’s Billy Summer. Just weird, good fun. A plain thriller by a masterful author, with a proper twisted ending.
  2. Termination Shock. Long anticipated; beloved author doing his thing. Doing it really well, I might add, if you’re into that sort of prose, and I am.
  3. Slough House (series). The original recommendation came from a character in the Prey series.
  4. Spenser (series). Looking for Boston books, the whole series was fun. New one in the spring? The original author shuffled off this mortal coil a decade back, but the series keeps churning ever forward.
  5. Prey (series). Stumbled in backwards, but just finished the entirety of the series this year with hopes for more.
  6. True Fiction (trilogy). Just a digital imprint, but even as such, a pulpy kind of satire that might be a little too close to reality. Quick, and quick witted.
  7. Stuart Woods (series). Every 2 or 3 months, a new book. Enjoyable because it’s compact prose that’s tight, taut, and coherent — with an absence of style. Judging by the way I rush out to get the books fresh off the press? Must be enjoyable.

Best Books in 2021

The Neal Stephenson Termination Shock should really be at the top of the list, but that’s only because it was the most recent book that inspired.

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