True Fiction

True Fiction

Found it on Amazon, and while it was recommended to me several times — all hail mighty amazon algorithms — I ignored that until I was in agonizing misery.

Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows;” (The Tempest, 2.2.20)

It wasn’t the book itself that got my attention, it was the top consumer review, “Warning, this is not a thriller but satire…”

Caught me at the right moment, although I tend to pay little attention to the reviews, but it worked, this time.

Subsequent dives into the author’s name, and the associated works? TV writer (think: Lee Child), and then, a marginally successful author and collaborator. Sure.

Then? The text is fun, funny, and wickedly delicious in a light-handed way. It fits a small niche, maybe, at least for me, between fanfic (Fan Fiction), satire, and just malarkey. Good because it threads that line between tired tropes and sheer insanity.

What liked best was the way hack writing from the fictional thriller was dropped into the narrative.

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