Spenser Part Five

Hardy Boys

Spenser Part Five

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The book list suggested there were almost 50 of the Spenser books, the last dozen, maybe, under a different author, but close enough to the original to count? Sure.

But bugger me, I wanted more from other characters. I understand there are spin-off versions of some material, but I liked the old Boston better. It was gritty and tough, Irish, Italian, immigrant, and all of that.

Finished the last one in the series while on my way back from Boston. After half a year, maybe forty or more novels, it’s like being familiar with a group, and left me wanting more. Enjoyable, but what I would like to see — read — is a series with some of the supporting characters as the protagonists. That last one was just like that.

Too bad the world of fiction, where the good guys win, and the bad guys are dead or buried, too bad the real world isn’t like that. But we can dream.

Slow Burn (2016)

Robert B. Parker’s Slow Burn (Spenser Book 44)


Little White Lies (2017)

Robert B. Parker’s Little White Lies (Spenser)

Current commentary.

Old Black Magic (2018)

Robert B. Parker’s Old Black Magic (Spenser Book 46)

Art theft, in theory and practice.

Angel Eyes (2019)

Robert B. Parker’s Angel Eyes (Spenser Book 47)

Funny. With a left coast lilt.

Someone to Watch Over Me (2020)

Robert B. Parker’s Someone to Watch Over Me (Spenser Book 48)

Tie-in? Gray man, again? Nice twist.

Really have enjoyed the series thus far. Added character to the trip to Boston.