By the end of the second book, in no certain order, I realized that there was going to be a high body count, and at least one body that wasn’t completely dead. Part of what made that first one I read so much fun, was its setting in West Texas, and after that? Started to pick up a thread.

Are they good books, deserving of “best seller” status? I’ve enjoyed them immensely, as literary candy. Action-packed, modern takes on the old hard-boiled thrillers of yesteryears.

Golden Prey

  • In order?

Certain Prey buy here
Mind Prey buy here
Night Prey buy here
Easy Prey buy here

Or some semblance of order?

Chosen Prey buy here
Mortal Prey buy here

Maybe not in any order.

Hidden Prey buy here
Invisible Prey buy here
Broken Prey buy here
Phantom Prey buy here
Wicked Prey buy here
Storm Prey buy here
Buried Prey buy here
Stolen Prey buy here
Silken Prey buy here

I hadn’t even started this series, but a minor character drives a Crown Vicas a personal car, a cop character.

Field of Prey buy here
Gathering Prey buy here

This? The list? This is why I support public libraries.

But first, some Virgil Flowers?

Dark of the Moon buy here
Heat Lightning buy here
Rough Country buy here
Bad Blood buy here
Shock Wave buy here
Mad River buy here

Somewhere in here, there was a long discussion between characters about the best Country singer with a repeated arguments for Ray Wylie Hubbard. Certainly, as of this writing, Ray Wylie Hubbard is the greatest living “country” singer/songwriter.

“We have a saying at the BCA, nothing’s ever coincidence, until it is.”

But early in the Prey series, the main character Davenport complies a list of 100 of the best rock’n’roll songs of all time. Musical background. In the one book, the song list is more important than solving the murders.

Still, Ray Wylie Hubbard might just be the greatest living country singer/songwriter there is. Read it in a Sandford book, too. I might not be the only one with such an opinion.

Storm Front buy here
Deadline buy here

Back to quirky Davenport…

Extreme Prey buy here

Flowers, hot on the heels…

Escape Clause buy here
Deep Freeze buy here

Then Davenport.

Twisted Prey buy here

That (something) Flowers.

Holy Ghost buy here

Davenport. In Las Vegas.

Neon Prey buy here

Flowers. Remind me not to go to Minnesota. Sounds like they shoot more people than they do in Texas. But the character Flowers does know his music, Jimmie Dale tip.

Bloody Genius buy here

Yeah, after, looks like I finished the first one in October? Close to forty novels in a few short months? Love the descriptions of the countryside, but they all sound like outlaws, except for the protagonists — good cops, bad outlaws? High body count?

So far, I thoroughly enjoyed the series, start at the beginning, and all the digital libraries should have the whole set, worthwhile, especially in “shelter in place” mode. Fast pace with a good soundtrack.

Excellent soundtrack, interesting as the character develop, over time, like, not one book was good, but as a whole, rather enjoyable with just enough serious meat, and musical interludes, to make it insightful and entertaining.

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