Ocean Prey

Ocean Prey

I read the bulk of the novels in the first of the lockdown, running start. Certainly, for me, as library books rather than a dozen board-feet of shelf space. Still, of note, the most recent novel was in the table at Costco. Like it or not, that’s still my first choice for book-buying, as they have a decent policy about both price structure and employee relations — none of which has anything to do with the content of the book, and whether it is an enjoyable reading experience.

Starts in politically charged Minnesota, but quickly drifts south to Miami, FLA. smugglers, ruthless killers, and gentle back stories on characters.

I had a series of appointments at the rock shop in Austin, and in between readings, I found myself flipping back to the digital library version of the book; felt like a guilty pleasure.

Build in a dilemma, and then create tension, characters we care about, from both ends. Didn’t see that coming.

There were lights already showing in the marina, and Virgil could hear somebody playing Dave Alvin and Jimmie Dale Gilmore’s “Downey to Lubbock.” Page 345.

And Virgil’s musical tastes. (Can’t locate my story about that album.)

Ocean Prey

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