Ask the Astrologer Nine

Ask the Astrologer Nine

Sunday before Monday, one of my promoters wandered over to my table, glanced over my shoulder at the chart, and asked me to explain the details.

“Look like a lot of fire.”

Monday night wasn’t a good night for Colorado. Second time in a week? What are the signs and portents? What do they mean?

Ask the Astrologer Nine

There’s an ongoing tension angle between Uranus (ruler of Aquarius in Taurus) against Saturn (old ruler of Aquarius, current ruler of Capricorn, in Aquarius), which sets off a certain kind of very fixed and troubling energy.

transits 3.22.2021

transits 3.22.2021

Sunday night, Monday Morning, depends, Mercury also created an exact tension angle to Mars, Mars in Gemini and Mercury in Pisces. This harkens back to the recent lunar cycle, the New Moon in Pisces, loosely conjunct Neptune and Venus as un-retrograde Mercury slipped into Pisces.

Got all that thus far? But wait, there’s more. much, much more. Think: 28 degrees.

This all spells out a kind of tension, free-floating anxiety, bad dreams, tough scenarios, and personal demons. As far as that goes, we all got some personal emotional baggage. That, in and of itself, that’s not news. It’s how we choose to manage our personal problems that matters.

Part of what I teach when I teach any metaphysical subject, sure, as that’s part of my own, world view. But on a broader scale, and now with at least two clear cases where personal responsibility has been subsumed, or otherwise squandered? Avoided? The results are obvious, so it would seem.

In particular, when I looked at the timing, I kept thinking about that Mars and Mercury Square. It’s not all that tough, in and of itself, but as a generalized source of ire, and when one doesn’t know the source of that anger? It bubbles up and then must find expression. This happens, roughly, a couple of times out of year when Mars and Mercury will make a tense angle. This one is exacerbated by the mutable nature, the Gemini need to tell two other people, and the other material, previously discussed.

Interesting, there was an earthquake, a biblical flood, and volcanos. All about the same time, indicating a shift. Think this is happening by chance? Or foretold by the planets?

Transit MARS square natal Mercury
This makes it way too easy to take offense or get upset at what others are saying. It’s also tinged with a certain lack of tact, more than usual. Short trips, quick messages? That gets more irritating. While a square from transiting Mars can sharpen Mercury’s mind? That hindered by a certain lack of patience. Page 85.

Transit MERCURY square natal Mars
Look in the rearview mirror, driving along. See the flashing red lights? That’s transiting Mercury as it squares Mars, and those lights represent an answer to a quick mental decision that might not have the intended consequences. The problem being, at first, we don’t think it’s us, and then, trying and arguing with the officer, which just makes a bad situation worse, this Mars situation is a minor annoyance, but slow down during this time period.

Ask the Astrologer Nine

The book is available, see, and those are just examples, technically, not quite exact, but a close enough review to get a sense of the tension between just two of the planets.

Ask the Astrologer Nine

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