Twenty-Eight Degrees

Twenty-Eight Degrees

I wonder that thou (being, as thou say’st thou art, born under Saturn) goest about to apply a moral medicine to a mortifying mischief. I cannot hide what I am…

  • Don John, Act 1, sc 3, Much Ado About Nothing

The Shakespeare’s Don John is, some sources say, a flat, two-dimension villain, born “under Saturn,” and that implies Capricorn. In stricter natal astrology, there would be a different explanation, and certainly the author of the play, and the patrons of the theatre, understood that. As a starting point, though, Saturn and villainy?

Twenty-Eight Degrees 8.25.2020 video

This begins, years ago, when I was looking at the general outline for the astrology of 2000 (Y2K), then ahead to 2020, then beyond. I kept thinking this was a miracle year, and I’ll stand by that, but now, the term has a slightly different definition, as in, “It will take a miracle to get out this alive.” Which, it might require, but who knows, anymore?

There’s a tipping point, a nexus of small — and large — events that add up to fundamental change. Years and years ago, one of my favorite astrology authors1 had a short piece about the USA, and how it must shake its “Skanky Attitude.” That statement echoes back to what I suggested before this year started, and what has unfolded since.

The question remains, and the symbolism concentrates on 28 degrees of Cardinal. This is a long-term, over-arching theme. The elements, this started with the Uranus/Neptune conjunction in the late 1980’s, giving rise to my own term, “Harmonic Convergence Millennials,”2 people with astrology charts, who are mostly, born between 1987 and 1993, with those dates being an approximation3, at best.

This starts to garner a tighter focus when looking at the last few degrees of anything Cardinal, not limited to Capricorn, but certainly that Capricorn was the first point of concentration, villainy and “Born under Saturn.” The precursor was looking at a number of “Harmonic Convergence Millennials,” often shepherding them through a first Saturn Return4, with the collective Saturn in the last ten degrees of Capricorn. More or less. Maybe lined up with the Harmonic Convergence Uranus/Neptune, too.

The pin-pointed start of the pandemic is much disputed, but the panic of 2020 commenced in earnest, around mid-March, when Saturn was just passing 28-29° Capricorn.

At the closing degrees of the last eclipse cycle, that was when I realized there might be deeper, longer-term symbolism in play. New Moon in Cancer, July 20, 2020 at 28° Cancer5, only makes sense.

That degree mark bounces off the Saturn/Mars square throughout the fall of 2020, and the exact point where Mars starts its ever-other-year retrograde6, all in Aries, all Mars, all retrograde, starting at 28° Aries.

Twenty-Eight Degrees

28° of Cancer, 28° of Capricorn, 28° of Aries, all that’s missing is Libra, and therein where this fills out.

Looking at negative spaces in an astrology chart tells as much as where specific planets are.

Individual destiny and our collective sense of directions, goals, and desires fuels this.

My older methodology was straight-up, strict historical research, but this series of events resonates differently. I turned back to the Sabian Symbols. While that’s not a text I use frequently, I’ve found that it greatly helps getting out of one’s own head to move forward when stuck.

Twenty-Eight Degrees

The origin point starts with the aforementioned “Harmonic Convergence,” Neptune and Uranus together again, in Capricorn. Moving forward from that point, there was Saturn/Jupiter conjoined in Taurus (Y2K)7, then Jupiter/Saturn in Cap., most of this year, with first Saturn, then Jupiter, making a point of hammering that 28° Capricorn mark. Mars, too, just adds “punctuation”8

Eventually, those Sabian Symbols brought about by looking at the negative space of 28° Libra? That provides the focal point of enumerating a spiritual pathway, both collectively and individually. My old, and I still use this as an example, but my standard response, as a question?

“Do you go to church?”9

Look: I keep two giants in the religion business on hand, way more used than the Sabian Symbols, a KJV Bible, and an older Penguin translation of the Koran10, with images of the original on each page.

The nature of those texts is as much for my post-modern amusement, as it is for any kind of serious scholarship, but it does mean I’ve looked into it. There will be no name-calling or similar useless rhetoric, not without evidence in the literature.

Lord only knows, I much prefer Shakespeare11 and Marcus Aurelius to those weighty religious tomes. That’s what makes sense to me.

So the question, and hammered — repeatedly — at 28° of Cancer/Capricorn, Aries/Libra? That question is the pathway, individually, and collectively.

Libra 28 … The keyword is RESPONSIVENESS. When positive, the degree is a complete spiritual fellowship with human kind, and when negative, self-stultification through wishful thinking. (Page 177)

What I see, in that negative space of the Cardinal energies? The single point not really occupied, but all aspects point to it? It’s not just an individual’s understanding of whatever it is that one believes in, but the attendant rights, rituals, and communities around that set of beliefs. Where we stand individually is as important as with whom we stand.

Twenty-Eight Degrees

2022 sees Pluto — in Capricorn — stationary for several months at 28° of Capricorn.

March 10, 2022 — Pluto hits 28° Cap. Turns RX April 29, slips back to 27° June 22, staying RX until October 8, getting to 28° January 12, 2023, not moving into Aquarius until March 23, 2023.

2023, observe, Pluto in and out of Capricorn, but stationary, again, within minutes of that really poignant position, yet again.

In 2023 Pluto turns retrograde May 1, getting back into Capricorn June 11, getting back to 28° Cap, July 30, not moving to 27° until September 18, and stationary — again — at 27°53’ until October 10, getting back to 28° Cap on November 1, and staying at that degree until December 1 12.

What I suggest? Let’s get this sorted out before that time arrives. Otherwise, it might be way more difficult to navigate at those times.

Do the work now.

Got questions or need help understanding?

“I’m around.” —


  1. Memory, and especially my memory is notoriously fallible, so no source, as I can’t seem to locate it. The sentiment is true, though.
  2. Other terms include “Mid-term Millennials,” but I favor my taxonomy and astrological signature better.
  3. See the fineprint for detailed disclaimers.
  4. Saturn Return: When Saturn returns to the astrological house and degree that it was in the original natal chart, cf., Saturn Return.
  5. Or concludes with the comet.
  6. There’s a Mars Retrograde in a minute for that.
  7. In May of Y2K, it was 7 planets — 5 planets — Sun and Moon — in Taurus, 5/4-3/2000.
  8. Seriously, already covered this, Mars in Aries.
  9. As suggested in the Virgo horoscope?
  10. Honestly, I’ve only referenced that copy of the sacred text a half dozen times, maybe. But it’s important to have all sacred writings, not just some.
  11. Yes, why Shakespeare?
  12. Pluto moves in Aquarius for the duration, in November in 2024, and Pluto doesn’t move into Pisces until 2044. and its family of websites participate in affiliate programs, which means there are material connections between the ads, and this site. for appearances —
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