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Astrology Questions: Ask the Astrologer Four

Typical Astrology Questions from Ask the Astrologer, should be a series, alas, it’s not.

I just want a “General Reading”

— Know what would help? Order a chart report.

It’s that simple. I tend to offer a free astrology chart report — email delivery only — to anyone who gets a half–hour (or longer) paid reading. Just part of what I do as I tend to feel that understanding the basic components of a natal astrology chart is the basis for understanding one’s self.

I can do a “General Reading,” as I’ve been at this long enogh to udnerstand the basics of what we’re looking at, consder, I’ve got tens of years explaining “What it means,” in plainer language than jargon–laden “astrology speak.”

But at $100 an hour, some of my time is better spent poking into nooks and crannies of the particular psyche, and teasing out information of current — and upcoming — events rarther than just generalizations about planets and their positions.

I can do it — no problem.

More than one “reader” has sliding scale for this, first chart reading is like $250, then $125 for each yearly follow–up. I prefer a “Meet and greet” — or intake — chart reading, then follow–ups as need be.

What I tend to hear, most frequently?

“You were so right on the first time, and the second time? Nothing.”

I’ll look at the chart, with no recollection of what I said before, “I told you to go left, correct?”

“Yes, don’t you remember?”

Well, not really, but looking at the chart, that’s probably what I would say.

“So did you go left?”

“No, I went to the right.”

Yeah, should’ve seen that coming. If you don’t follow my suggested course of action, then you can’t blame me for the outcome.

But I do like to start with a general reading — get to know the natal birth chart.

Meet and greet, get comfortable.

Order a chart report.

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