Ask the Astrologer Number Five

Ask the Astrologer Number Five

When am I going to win the lottery?

No, seriously, I get versions of this question, I hear just about every iteration, over the last two-dozen years.
“When am I going to win the lottery?”
Can be translated as, at one time — variations?

  • When will my book sell?
  • When will my movie script sell?
  • When is a good time to publish?
  • When can I buy a house?
  • When is that new job?
  • When is my promotion?
  • When am I goIng to meet a rich man?

That last one, to be fair, there are striations and variations within its phrasing, but the idea is that a suitable mate with economic resources to be financially supportive of the querent’s lifestyle, as well as physically and emotionally available as one would desire. My simple shorthand? “Mr. Right,” and that is not gender specific. Plus, the answer really being sought?

“When am I going to win the lottery?”

Jupiter’s pattern is basically about a year in a sign, mileage varies, but about a year for each sign with approximately 4 months in a retrograde pattern.
While it’s a bit of an over-generalization, Jupiter is the player. As observed, Jupiter is the planet of good luck, good fortune, and in old-fashioned astrology, is associated with publishing. With the advent of the web, the term “publishing” takes on a new and different meaning. Then, too, this month of November is consumed with National Write A Novel Month, and that’s set against a current backdrop of Jupiter in Sagittarius with Mercury in Retrograde. What to do, what to expect, and that lottery win?
There are two other Jupiter associations, one is Pisces, and in really old-fashioned Western astrology, Pisces, along with Sagittarius, were both dominated by Jupiter. Old stuff, buried in myth and legend.
With that in mind, in the next month? A half million people will be banging away on word processors, churning out a 50K-word novel. Congrats. What this has to do with winning the lottery? Or Jupiter?
I tend to use Jupiter as a timing element, when faced with this question. One of the weirdly amusing tales, client complained that he didn’t win the lottery, but he received a bump in pay, at work, and that covered the extra credit card bill he’d run up, in anticipation of hitting it big, per my prognostication.
In my work, I talk about trends, influences, and possible scenarios. Often times, my message is cloaked in myth or metaphor, or just plain cloaked. Watching Jupiter — by transit — is the way I measure the relative success, and what option are unveiled.
The short terms, I use, Jupiter in its sign, in an opposing sign, or in a sign that creates a tension angle as an indication — born out of observation — that is the chance for the win.

“When am I going to win the lottery?”

The converse portion of the answer, though, is that I don’t really think real people win the lottery. What it is, this is years of hard work, toil, and struggle, with side serving of troubles, all stacked up in layers, and the indication from Jupiter is a reward for hard work.

Ask the Astrologer Number Five

This invites a deeper part of the question, and an answer of the more metaphysical nature of the work. Which is part of taking apart a chart and looking at as whole, and not with a view to a slick answer about when someone is going to win the lottery.
Want to know here Jupiter is in your chart?
There are two answers: see me live or book a reading.

That’s a facile answer to a complex question, “When am I going to win the lottery?”

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