Favorite iPad Apps

Favorite iPad Apps

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The image, here, I grabbed the screen shot to show the iPad with the “No Service” visible in the corner. What I didn’t realize is that screen shot also includes my iPad’s front screen with the most used apps clearly visible.

I think I counted seven paid apps, and four of those are from one company, Panic.com.

So these are the favorite iPad apps, most widely used. When Mercury is not Retrograde, I tend to use Apple’s native Pages program as the word processor, with Apple’s Messages as the text thing.

Oddly enough, the most used iPad? According to this? iPad 2, the older one.

On the heels of an Apple next thing announcement, what apps work best, what apps I use daily? I was shattered when, after rolling out an update, the Diet Coda app ceased to function properly, and their tech support rolled out quick update. They also rolled out Transmit for the iPad, and I couldn’t be happier!

Transmit iOS – Panic, Inc.

Diet Coda – Panic, Inc.

Status Board – Panic, Inc.

Prompt 2 – Panic, Inc.

Wait, I’ve done this before, with Panic.com software.

The tricky app is “Status Board,” as it’s a clean slate with various widgets I can drop in and arrange however I want. I keep a spare iPad running, hanging off the monitor at home, just so I can track – at a glance – various updates and server temperature, more like: Time, temp., Moon’s Phase, inbound mail, schedules, and feeds for news items.

On an early iPad, I ran the Status Board app, and to test it along with the carrier I was using? I turned off the Wifi, and let it almost use a whole 2 gigs of data in about 15 days. Interesting experiement, and later, I found I just liked monitoring ability of the app. Useful without being too intrusive.

And ByWord….

Byword – Metaclassy, Lda.

Byword – Metaclassy, Lda.

In other spaces? Nailed it. Yes, look at the numbers.