Tools and Time

Tools and Time, and this about what tools save us time and what tools complicate life. Salient point out of the article was that the message was about keeping, in the example a website, simple. Use a simple tool, easiest tech to understand and grasp, to make it work.

Every implement, tool, or vessel is well if it do the work for which it was made, and yet in their case the maker is not at hand.
Meditations, Marcus Aurelius, Book VI, #40-

Not like this is new material, about tools and such.

However, as I glanced through that article, I kept thinking about, as an example, a simple sales page I own,, the support page for the book, The Portable Mercury Retrograde.

Nothing complicated. Done with Panic’s Coda, frequently massaged with the Diet Coda app, both with previous mentions.

The trick, the goal, the idea? Keep it super simple.

The support page for a book that’s now 10 years old? Two meat Tuesday, another example of a simple page hammered together, not extraneous hosting, no fancy CMS and curation, and little upkeep — ever.

Tools and Time

Instead of making it difficult? Make it easy.

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