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Favorite Apps
One of the best web-apps for iPad? Diet Coda. It’s a text-based editor that allows ASCII, or whatever the code is called, a quasi-root level way to manipulate code.

I started with Transmit, which was one of the first “independent” pieces of software I paid for. Way back when. There was a sales letter went out, not long ago, from the original developer, with something about it being a 14 years or more.

That copy of Transmit represented a turning point. I shifted from “free,” to paying for the software I was using. The paid version of Transmit worked. Better, no problems, did exactly what I wanted it to do.

Transmit – Panic, Inc.

My reasoning was sound, I was staring to build websites so I needed to pay for the tools I used. In my abbreviated career as mechanic, tools were a big deal. Right tools for the job.

On the strength of that program alone, I bought Coda, now revved to 2.

Coda 2 – Panic, Inc.

It’s not fancy. No easy stuff, although, it will complete code, and I tend to keep it simple with precious few templates that I follow. Most of the work I do is through various web interfaces, so I don’t need much, however, there will always be issues with sites, and that’s the swiss-army knife of tools. Works wonders and it’s easy to carry.

Eventually, they released Diet Coda, an iPad specific version of Coda. That was too cool. Love it. Works wonders.

I wouldn’t use it to build a site from scratch but when there’s a minor tweak, that’s easy enough.

Diet Coda – Panic, Inc.

So my personal milestone was close to 15 years as a customer. Early piece of “professional” software I paid for, and that I continue to use, to this day, for light development duties.

The final piece was about the iPad version, but I’ve mentioned it previously, here.

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