Software and Flames

Software and flames, from Panic Inc’s (co)founder, Cabel Sasser: here.

The company makes three programs I use on a regular basis?

Yes. Four, really.

Prompt – Panic, Inc.

Coda 2 – Panic, Inc.

Diet Coda
Diet Coda – Panic, Inc.

Status Board

Status Board – Panic, Inc.

Transmit – Panic, Inc.

The TED talks have nothing on the guy. He has the same kind of manic delivery I use when I talk. The difference is, I’m used to trying to compress much information into a small space and he seems less familiar with the concept.

Flip that around. The software the company makes, hits, misses, near-misses and some really, really solid software that just plain works right out of the box?

Thought about digging through the files to find my first mention of the FTP program, and I paid, I think, $15 dollars. Then, a second time, for the upgrade. I’ve lost track. While there are plenty of free FTP programs, this one was solid, worked, worked well, and worked in a shifting environment, as I used to do development work from various far-flung locations. To this day, I still use it for some of the heavy-lifting involved in running my business.

Part of the talk is throwback material, as in, “Back in the day” chatter.

It was a profound and powerful 25-minute talk, and the first link came at the end of a marketing e-mail, “If you make it this far…”

Where does it end? There is no end. Where does it stop? Again, no end in sight.

What’s my exit strategy?

I don’t have one.

This article is part of series I cleaned out while Mercury was very Retrograde. Of the sites listed, I was the only site that was not corporate-entity owned, although, at the time, my horoscopes were on the AOL — channel. Susan Miller, big media backing and Jonathan Cainer, again, big (UK) media backing. And me.

The rest have changed hands and changed URL, in fact, more than a dozen years later, I’m still at the exact same URL.

How cool is that?

The video poses the question, and I think he answers it the same way I do.