Taking a piss: FB and Friends

The problem with an iPad is that it’s just too convenient. Same with an iPhone. I deleted the FaceBook app from my phone. The FB app on the iPad was cumbersome, buggy, and cursed.


The phone app? Here’s the problem, I would be in public place, need to use the restroom, and there I’d be, standing at the urinal, business in one hand, and glancing through the FB posting with the other hand.

Got me some funny updates, but then, as a social media, what does that say?

I use FB as an outlet. Once I got my RSS feed situation figured out, I drop all my sites into the media mixer. Linked In, My Space, Twitter, various other outlets, they all grab feeds, and that gets pushed out.

What I was thinking, though, is that I deleted the app, so I can’t be bothered by whatever is happening on FB at the moment.

I have one client who swears by FB as a way to get new clients. So far, from what I’ve seen, that’s not how this works. Time spent cultivating relationships on FB does not equal new, better or more clients.

Then, too, if I’m updating while I’m, standing there, at a public urinal, how many other guys are doing the same? Ladies, similar, only sitting?