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“Lechery lechery! Still wars and lechery. Nothing else holds fashion.”

  • Thersites in Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida (V.iii.231-3)

That would be Shakespeare Snark.

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  • Transit PLUTO square natal Pluto

Pluto — by transit — is a great agent of change. Due to its elliptical orbit’s nature, this transit occurs at different times for different generations, as early as 35 and as late as mid-40s. In the older texts, this was termed a “Mid–life crisis.” Invoking the term “crisis” makes it a traumatic event, and that doesn’t have to be the way to effectively deal with the present energies as Pluto forces issues to the surface. More than just an awakening, it is cosmic time to pause and assess directions. For some, this occurs before another transit that promises enlightenment, and for others — depends on generations — it occurs after the spark of enlightenment. Frequently, what the “Pluto Square Pluto” does is serve as a test and check. There’s an essence that occurs in this time, some sense of new directions, and old goals, possibly abandoning the previous desires. There is also a time in a person’s life to spend more time with the spiritual, the religious, or the metaphysical, or, all three. Depends. What Pluto does, creating a sharp angle to its natal position? This is a time when certain energies come crashing into each other, and frequently leaves the person with a sense of being stuck or frozen. Previously, I’ve used the allusion to a “Deer in the headlights,” as that is such a common image in central Texas, but some politician ruined that expression. Socially, politically, emotionally, there are great changes as each aspect of life comes under close scrutiny — this is a transition period that can last for up to a year or more, with the erratic nature of Pluto’s orbit playing a bigger part of this. It serves as a trigger for personal growth through evaluation, and it also serves as a time when unwanted — unwarranted — resources in life can be released. Or ripped from one’s grasp, again, depends on the approach taken to assessing what can be changed.

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  • Transit JUPITER opposed natal Moon

As always, the Natal Moon is indication of matriarchal figures, but with Jupiter’s benevolence spread like peanut butter and jelly? This is about pleasing interactions with females. Transiting Jupiter will push the Natal Moon’s emotional quotient higher, further, farther along. While this tends to be pleasing, there’s always chance that it gets off on the wrong beat, and goes horribly awry. Home repairs and real estate “investing” feature well under this Jupiter motion.