Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter in Pisces

Going to start with Jupiter in Pisces but it begs a slight historical connection with Saturn in Aquarius, covered earlier.

Jupiter enters the Tropical Zodiac Sign of Pisces on May 13, turning retrograde on June 20 (at 2° Pisces), and Jupiter retrogrades back into Aquarius July 28 (opposite Mars — ouch). Jupiter eventually turns stationary/direct on October 18 (at 22° Aquarius) — heading into Pisces permanently December 28, 2021, not getting into Aries until May 11, 2022.

Most of the data itself is pretty boring unless we’re dealing with astrologically aware individuals. To us, that’s a verbal shorthand for what these energies represent.

While in Aquarius, along with Saturn, the generational, “every 20 years” event? Jupiter is pushing for changes and suggests a broad expansion along a number of lines in order to adequately move ahead. Sometime, though, we move too fast, and in haste, there is waste.

Jupiter in Pisces

What this summer offers? That relatively brief window with Jupiter in Pisces is a singular glimpse at our collective future in the years to come, especially the next year.

Previously noted, but in older astrology, the basis for much of our understanding of the cosmos? Jupiter was the planet associated with Pisces. Saturn was linked to Aquarius, so, the two are in backwardly compatible signs, and it works to our advantage, if we can embrace the meaning and the symbolism. Which, after all, is what this all about, understanding the symbols, the meanings, and what they represents.

Jupiter is accidentally at home in Pisces, as one way to look at it. Makes for a convivial energy, but the slippery nature of the sensibilities of the Pisces? Non-reality and reality can come crashing into each other. With Neptune in on the mix, over the next year? This makes for a time when it is easier than usual to mistake “virtual” and “real world” activity.

For some of us, I lived in old South Austin long enough to understand the mutable nature of Austin’s “reality,” and so the tenuous difference between the real world and the make-believe world online? Easily confused.

Recent events bear this out — laid bare — that awkward moment when the picture on the website and the person standing in front of you — the two don’t seem to align.

Perceptions versus reality?

Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter in Pisces, a quick answer is about that quest for the spiritual, the deep answers to the meaning of life, and my favorite example? Look at the “self-help” section in a large bookstore. The titles all resemble the questions.

Looking at the astrology for 2022?

Jupiter in Pisces and Saturn in Aquarius? That means?

It’s about erecting a structure with its foundation built in the airy firmament of that Jupiter in Pisces sense of knowing, feeling, innate understanding with no real anchor in consensual reality.

In other words? Faith.

This summer is a glimpse into what the next year holds, and there is basically a two-month window to ascertain what those structures are, and get started on building towards the future, singularly and collectively.

Saturn, still in Aquarius, lends strength and some of the mental discipline required, as well as an adequate out of “out of the box” thinking. But it’s Jupiter, in Pisces that helps lead the way with its innate understanding.

Jupiter in Pisces

May 13 to July 28 is a cosmic preview of the year head, and what this time allows, what the symbolism suggests? Time to figure out a specific direction that is based on wants, needs, desires, and most important? Faith — faith defined as a belief in something. Whatever it is? That faith is the salvation for the future.

The last year has been an intense internal struggle. This time coming up is a chance to show what we’ve learned, individually, collectively, and how to harness that new understanding in the future, our collective future — and individually.

Jupiter in Pisces

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