Mercury in Air Signs

Mercury in Air Signs

Mercury is Retrograde from May 29 to June 21.

MercRXNot a strange pattern, and not one that was totally unexpected, not by me. I mentioned this at the top of the year, as a notable footnote-like bit of technical astrological observation. 2021? Mercury is retrograde in Air Signs.

The Air signs, in order? Gemini (mutable), Libra (cardinal), and Aquarius (fixed). In addition to the Air Signs, Virgo (mutable) is also a “Mercury” sign. Different aspect to Mercury’s influence than the Gemini Mercury, though. Similar, but different.

So there are three, four signs affected by magical Mercury machinations. This year, all in for the Air signs, too.

Mercury in Air Signs

As the innermost planet, Mercury is the quickest, easiest to see, predictable planets. As it averages three trips around the Sun to our one orbit? Mercury appears to move “backwards” in respect to other celestial objects, and that pattern correlates to problems for approximately three-quarters of the population.

Mercury’s pattern, though, all in Air Signs? Spells out an interesting way to see, gives shape, and direction to what is going on, individually, and as a whole.

I associate the Air Elements with thinking. Simple as that. Which means, during these synodic mercurial times, this is a cosmic way of forcing us to look at old ideals, and re-think and already established positions.

Mercury in Air Signs

One of the most valuable tools I latched onto, a certain Gemini taught me this, it’s about taking an emotional, philosophical — think: opposing viewpoint.

  • Take the opposite position then argue for, rather than against.

It’s an age-old rhetorical and teaching device, nothing really new, but as an homage to a buddy who taught me this one? Taking the opposing stance and working from there?

This allows us to see holes in our logic, flaws in our thinking, and potential weak spots. When I am passionately involved in one position, where I am sure I am morally, politically, factually right?

With Mercury Retrograde in Air Signs? Take a position on the outside of that moral high-ground, and make an effort to see it from the other side, look for weak spots. See if there are flaws in the thinking. That’s what a year of Mercury Retrograde in Air signs is all about. Tools and tricks to make life better? Be willing to assail that morally superior place, if only to firm up defenses, or maybe? Learn something new.

If there is to be a strategy for Mercury in Retrograde?

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