Strategy for Mercury Retrograde

Strategy for Mercury Retrograde

Strategy versus Tactics.

MercRXCame through a little while back, but bubbling along at the back of my mind, I had an idea for a way to explain, then work with, Mercury in Retrograde. There is strategy, then there are the tactics.

The strategy begins with a simple understanding that Mercury orbits the Sun at a steady rate of 88 Earth days. Earth takes 365 days to accomplish the same kind of orbit, and that means, three, maybe four times a year, it looks like Mercury is moving backwards against the backdrop of the rest of the stars in the sky.

Mercury isn’t really moving backwards —
cf. The Portable Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury may not really be moving backwards, but it sure feels like it is. As a part of a strategy for dealing with this time frame?

Consider the observations. More typographical mistakes. More missed communications. Personal electrical systems fail at the most inconvenient times, and fail in the most inconvenient way. “This couldn’t have happened at a worse time,” common hue and cry.

“Murphy was an optimist.”

Having a coherent strategy in place, I think of this in terms of Mercury Retrograde Protocols, and having that in place? First, understand the cause, the roots, and the sources of the problems. That’s a strategy.

MercRXFor me, in a general way, the astrological Mercury — the symbol is a little Venus sign with set of antennae on top.

Really, that’s a fleet, winged-footed Mercury, Hermès, the messenger and occasional trickster, of the varies Roman deities. Astrological Mercury is associated with communications. The symbol derives from Mercury’s helmet, with wings.

By logical extensions, then Mercury is associated with the innards of the computers, and their networks, and what the mass media might — or might not — (print)(say)(publish)(post) &c.

Strategy for Mercury Retrograde

Understanding the constraints and possible problems, anticipating what might, or might not happen, understanding that it is a confusing time? That’s the starting point. It’s the setting. Having a coherent strategy? That’s what counts.

Mercury is retrograde from January 29 to February 21.

Tactics for Mercury Retrograde

Strategy versus Tactics.

  1. Reversing Candles, available at my local grocer?
  2. Jet Fuel Coffee
  3. Paper Journal, and the 2021 version? With its goals?

The strategy starts with bing aware, and then forming a coherent set of ideas to deal with the mercurial, exigent circumstances.

With the change in seasons, I think fishing is good idea, Mercury Retrograde weather well-spent.

But that could be me.

the Portable Mercury Retrograde

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