Neptune’s orbit is roughly 164, almost 165 years in length. In a (current) natural lifespan, Neptune won’t cover too much ground. Where it lands in a chart, especially by transit, has twin indications. One is a testament to the power of the spiritual side of life, while the other is more like an advertisement for what not to do.

At its furtherest reach, Neptune has an oblong orbit, and at its most distant position, it has an effect on the Kuiper Belt, and this makes for an uneven way to divide the time in the various locations because it all depends1.

In a what is now a normal lifespan, Neptune will not appear in the same place — in the sky — twice.

The position and relative angles to the astrological elements creates obvious and deeply symbolic images.

With Neptune by transit, there are two sides, the good and the bad. The good generally involves the spiritual (religious, meditative, metaphysical, whatever) side while the other tends towards escapism, with religion, illegal drugs, and alcoholism being a predominant part of that.

With years of experience to bear witness, hard angles to Neptune indicate strong possibilities of inter-dependency issues. How that shows up and how that is handled?

That varies.

The details of the transits are all in the book.

Kramer Wetzel’s little book of transits

Draft Cover

Neptune (older links)

  1. See the fineprint.

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