Neptune back into Aquarius


Neptune back into Aquarius
8/5/2011 to 2/3/2012

All data is approximate, but deemed reasonably accurate.

“vaticinium ex eventu”

The first time I encountered a neptune transit coincided with the first time I encountered a vaticinium ex eventu event.

One of my early teachers looked at a Neptune transit in my chart and then suggested that the stars foretold the events that already occurred. No mention prior to the event, though.

The term, “vaticinium ex eventu” is a biblical term that applies to a prediction written in knowledge the event having already occurred.

Neptune is one of the two planets that I’ve done extensive personal research on and around.

Neptune is associated with Pisces. Neptune is also associated with seemingly divergent energies, like drug addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse in general, and more pointedly, spirituality. Escapism, on one plain or another.

The impact of the transit of Neptune, especially for the late degree Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus personal points, those will feel the effect.

The first word is “confusion.” Neptune spreads fear, distrust, illusion, delusion, or, better yet, a foggy lack of clarity.

The last three, maybe the last five degrees of fixed signs will feel this. Less about confusion and more about a lack of direction, lack of focus, lack of clarity.

My old advice is back: bad time to take up heroin or bass fishing; however, dollar-for-dollar, the heroin is more productive.

Get hooked, get into rehab, get better. Bass fishing? First it’s a pole, then more gear, then a boat, then the tournament trail… And there is no rehab for it, either.