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Stardust Motel

Stardust Motel

Before Neptune changes signs, before the big one changes gears, and without looking at too much history, I was digging through the charts because I had a client ask about Neptune transits. Oh joy.

Neptune is hard energy to describe, quite nebulous, really, in its expressions. It combines a number of wonderful and divergent elements. I have a stock answer, and — apparently — my stock phrase doesn’t seem to carry enough meaning outside of a small circle of friends. Even then, not many folks seem to get it.

“Need to watch out for two things: bass fishing and heroin.” (What I’ll say about the influence of Neptune)

There are two symbols at work, both elements of either psychology, or human behavior, two elements that are covered with that comment. As I go along, I explain that, dollar for dollar, heroin and bass fishing are highly addictive pursuits. The short form is, dollar for dollar, heroin is far more productive than bass fishing as a pursuit.

How does that work?

Dollar for dollar, the heroin is much less expensive. Illegal and addictive, sure, but then, after nodding out, getting rushed to the ER, then checked into rehab, it’s a step forward. Very addictive.

Dollar for dollar, though, bass fishing is much more harmful. Costs a lot a more. First it’s a fishing pole, then tackle box, then more gear, then a boat, then a bigger boat, and then truck and trailer, to tow that boat. See how this goes? What’s worse, there is no rehab for bass fishing. No 12-step program, no outpatient clinics.

Neptune takes around 164-5 years to complete a trip through the Tropical Zodiac, all 12 signs. There’s a whole group of people who have “Neptune in Scorpio,” and that’s the backbone of my clients.

Neptune -> Scorpio
Years: 319, 453, 646, 810, 973, 1137, 1301, 1464, 1628, 1793, 1955…

Born between 1955 and 1970, that’s roughly a 15-year window. Neptune in Scorpio people are very curious. Want to know it all. Interested in the depth of the soul, the well of what rests behind the eyes. Spurs spiritual growth, that insatiable Scorpio need to know.

There’s a strong spiritual element that I read from Neptune. Neptune’s placement in a chart, its sign, its house and its relationship to other planets.

In short form, as if I could ever do astrology in short form, Neptune indicates a couple of diverse parts. According to the texts, the planet rules Spirituality and Escapism. Drunks, drug addicts, pastors and ministers. A connection to the individual’s concept and understanding of “God.”

I’m writing this in El Paso, and I once did a reading for a local weatherman. On-air spot, me talking about astrological weather is like a weatherman, and anyway, a different analogy, so, that one guy had this very prominent Neptune. I suggested, in another version of this life, he would be a good preacher. He studied at the seminary before his calling directed him to be a weather guy. He does have the best delivery I’ve ever seen, the avuncular and stentorian voice, and the conviction in his beliefs. His time in seminary was well-spent.

That’s, to me, an inspiring and proper use of the strong Neptune influence.

As it transits, as Neptune continues on its pre-ordained orbit, and as that influence is felt, there’s a strange, and if not careful, an illusionary influence. As Neptune crosses a “trigger point” in a chart, aligns with a sensitive point, there are twin influences. One, it can be a time of great escape. In my mind, and being the tawdry soul that I am, I see perverse drugs, alcohol, and other similar escape mechanisms play out, ill-conceived plans and sexual escapades that are beyond the ken of good tastes. Unfathomable, “You did what?!”

There is also, I’m convinced, a point deep in the soul that gets comfortable with some aspect of the divine. Gets that pipeline to the almighty going. Or finds ways to more completely seal one’s self off from the divine.

Neptune. Astrology. Choices.

The more you know, the better equipped one is.

Neptune in Libra is about finding that balance point between too much and too little. What’s right and what works best for the individual.

Neptune moves into Pisces in April and August (2011), then for good, February 2012. That’s another discussion.

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  • rhubarb Jan 17, 2011 @ 10:16

    Some of us have Neptune in Virgo, you know. All about choices, indeed.

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