Neptune and such

Neptune and such

Somebody sent me another writer’s overview of the coming month. It included spurious data about Neptune going retrograde June 18 (goes direct Nov. 24), 2018. So that’s what, five months it’s retrograde?

Neptune and such

Here’s the deal, in predictive astrology, what I’ve found helps? Pay attention to the position of the outer planets, but their relative motion, retrograde or direct? Not as much of an issue, especially with Neptune and such. Pluto.

Neptune and such

Looking at today, though, nothing else, the Sun square Neptune, then Mercury squares Neptune and that is a greater impact because it highlights the point where Neptune goes retrograde, in other words, adds the kick to the statement. The retrograde? Not such a big deal. Look: five months out of the year? That’s the length of the “No AC required time in Texas” — not really a remarkable cycle. Others might have different options, and, as always, your mileage may vary.

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