Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn in Aquarius

February, 1991, through May, 1993, last time that Saturn was in Aquarius. Those dates are approximate as I just snagged an ephemeris off my shelf to check, and I arrived at that data set by thumbing through the pages. One was marked with a recent sticky note, as I was using the same data when I looked at the new year, in presentation form last January.

But what it means, moving forward?

In my understanding and explanations of astrology charts, when I’m interpreting what the planets mean, on an individual basis, what I teach, so frequently, is that my metaphors, allegories, and symbolism is based on what I understand, as a person. My data sets are filtered through what I see, what I feel, my perceptions.

Add to that notion, that this is shaded by my human experience? Contributing to the understanding that I’ve got thirty years of experience as a reader of the night sky, and I’ll arrive at different conclusions from what I saw — then.

Still, follow this thought process and analysis, this current time has similar energies to what was happening — then. This is about energy and symbolism, and what that means in practical applications.

I started this on the second effective week of the COVID-19 shut-down. Practically, I was already practicing “safe distance” as I’ve been doing phone readings, well, since the last time Saturn was in Aquarius. Makes me feel old.

Astrology chatter: There’s a subset of the “Millennial” generations,
I term them “Harmonic Convergence Millennials,” and those are characteristically born between 1987 and 1993, with the term, “Harmonic Convergence” referring to a celestial event that got turned into the dawn of the New Age, and a party in Sedona (AZ), both of which are marked by the Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn, sort of rolled through most of that time.

For the first half of that time frame, as marked by Harmonic Convergence Millennial Natal Charts, Saturn was in Capricorn. As noted, Saturn moved into Aquarius in 1991.

We’ve seen this before, people.

Some of this is new, though, and what this does, it requires us to harken back to yesteryear so we can navigate forward.

Saturn is about structure, and Aquarius is about freeform. On deeper levels, though, there’s more to it. The Aquarius mental connection, the subconscious, the psyche, the soul itself? The rigorous, religious to some, understanding of how our world works.

As I looked back over previous material I’d written about this, I was thinking about a line I’ve used before, “The year 2020 is a miracle year, and what we see is the culmination of at least two generations’ efforts to make the world a better place.” (source)

The more I toyed with the idea, and a separate understanding of Aquarius itself? This is the Universe calling a bluff. “You think you can do this? Let’s just see….”

Part of this is about developing an understanding that one has with one’s place in the world. The Aquarius mental perspicuity requires that. It’s about developing an intellectual grasp of the various metaphysical beliefs one has, and weaving that into a coherent whole, only, remember, this varies from individual to individual. Everyone has his or her own grasp of the meaning of life, and where we go — or don’t go — after this life. Or where we’ve been before? All part of the picture.

Past lives and ex-wives, for some of us.

Saturn entered Aquarius on March 22, shortly after the spring equinox, and then shortly thereafter? Saturn and Mars were perfectly aligned. Just adds a little extra zest to the Saturn equation.

Saturn doesn’t slink back into Capricorn until July 1st, just in time for the July 4th weekend, having just finished Venus Retrograde (in Gemini), along with Mercury Retrograde (in Cancer). That’s lot of material stacking up, alongside and shortly after the Summer Solstice.

Between now and July 1, more or less, this is the time to figure out what the meaning of the up and coming Saturn transits are about, individually. It’s not about global positions, not anymore, it’s more about what an individual person can do, one-on-one with him or herself. This is just a quick glimpse, and , like I’ve suggested the universe, or whatever one believes in? That’s calling a bluff.

“You think you got this? Let’s see…”

Saturn, along with Jupiter, enter Aquarius December 16 and 21, respectively.

The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is a separate issue.

The short term message is about understanding our place in the world, and there are several ways this shows up in an astrology chart. However, in the larger scenario, this about how we all fit together, individually, and that’s what we’re supposed to be learning, even now.

To spell it out, clearly? This is a temporary holding pattern that is causing a massive disruption. It’s also a cosmic lesson about what’s to come in our collective future and whether or not we can pull together and work — individually — as a team, cf., Aquarius.

The other poignant pointer in these stars?

This is about getting one straight with whatever it is one believes. “Who are you praying to,” for example, as a question to ask.

Couple of weeks of downtime should be about right to get some idea about what a personal belief system would include, oddly enough, part of this shutdown looks like it includes Easter.

Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

4/3/2020 Saturn/Mars in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus, Sun in Aries.

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