The Year in Transition

The Year in Transition

While I’ve used this as an example in the past? It’s a familiar simile I’ve employed, probably more than once?

In my formative stages of this career reading astrology charts, I lived in old East Austin. Sketchy neighborhood? English was a second language? At that point I discovered the great joy of dollar stores, living sort of behind one on old East Riverside.

One item that I would find, and to this day, I still keep on hand, from a dollar store? Super Glue. Then, to take this example more micro? I tend to get the single-serve, like four or five tiny portions of super-glue tubes for a single dollar. I’m cheap like that, besides, when using super glue-like substances, I find that I use it once and then it hardens up to an unusable mess. Single serve works. Single serve with an expired date at the cheap store. Doesn’t matter.

Capricorn — all about the value.

A while back, shopping with my date, I found a kind of phone cable — branded, braided — with at least two kinds of connectors attached. I talked her into buying it for me, and I treasured it. Cool bit of useless tech, just another gadget, but it did mean I had one less cable to worry about for my every-day, work-related carry.

Yes, I know, more useless tech, and more techie talk. The end of the cable, the little collar connector piece came unglued pretty quickly, and for a little while, that cable was part of the sentimental cable container, you know, I still have an iPod 30-pin connector in there, among other outdated tech.

So the root solution in this situation, the sentimental charging cable? It was sort of broken. I still had the attached collar, just a tiny piece of stamped metal, and I still had the cable, pushing it together, remembering the girlfriend. Eventually, I used some of that dollar-store, single-serve super-glue to fix the cable. Like new. If only broken relationships could fixed so easily?

The Year in Transition

There are several moving parts with this imagery. Blast from the deep past when old East Austin was sketchy. Deep roots, deep past — almost historical in tone. There’s that as a starter: reaching way down in the individual historical distance.

Having been a techie most of my adult life, a person who likes to fiddle with wires, bits, and bytes? That cable was usable, as it was, just the wires being exposed bothered my sense of order.

“Where’s Virgo in your chart?”
Right at the top.

Finally, realizing that a simple drop of that glue would fix the situation. Memories restored, function restored, and the simplest solution, with its origins in my own dark past? It all works.

I agonized over this for a spell, not sure if the message conveys the intent, but there are a number of simple solutions, right in front of us all.

From the distance trenches of memories and the mind, the collective personal histories, to a more mundane keepsake, to a solution — a simple solution — right in front of us?

Pluto Venus Saturn, mostly that Pluto and Saturn, with a dose of Jupiter, and, what the hell, throw in Ceres, too, all of that? Already happened? It probably breaks something.

The Year in Transition

Some people get it. Really early in my career, I was using metaphor about starting a grill with gasoline. It worked for a Mars-infused theme, in my mind.

A few weeks later, a person approaches me with a story about how someone had used gasoline — that very week mentioned — to start an outdoor grill, and the results were predictable, singed eyebrows, you know, the works.

The year ahead, the year in transition, what this is about — with all that Capricorn as the starting point?

The simplest of cheap, inexpensive solutions are a way around this tumultuous year ahead. A little drop of super-glue — cyanoacrylate — can fix some of the problems.

It’s not complicated.

The year ahead

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