Righteous – Joe Ide (IQ Book 2)

Shelter in place guidelines sure make it easy to find a good series of books to read, and this is one of them. As I’ve previously noted, something reverberates, bounces back and forth, not like this is new ground, but it does seem to update a familiar genre. Box Two starts right where Book 1 left off. I wasn’t planning to compulsively read them back to back, but, I wanted a break from reading the Mick Herron books all at once.

There’s a laconic level of pacing in Righteous that wholly spins out of control. Mute funny and wry bits with nail-biting action and character anxiety.

Against our current climate of change, and the deepening divide? Timely material, with race as an undercurrent.

Makes it both good — as in exciting — to read, and then, there’s that concept that it might be topical, too.


Righteous – Joe Ide (IQ Book 2)

Righteous (An IQ Novel Book 2)

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