Anno Mirabilis 1

Anno Mirabilis 1

“for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

Hamlet 2.2.212

The year 2020, long before it ever was close at hand? I had termed it Anno Mirabilis.

Latin for Miracle Year. (1)

The year 2020 has numerous astrological oddities. There’s a thread and tale, and I tend to cycle through this material in person, but this leads to the new age, the age of Aquarius, and whatever else one wishes to call it.

bewareIt started in 1960, when Saturn and Jupiter were both in Capricorn, along with Pluto in Virgo. That specific group, that sets the pace.

The next transitory event was the Harmonic Convergence, in the late summer of 1987 — Neptune and Uranus together again for the first time in 265 years eventually all in Capricorn.

There are two components to look at, first is the event itself, then the harmonic convergence, prior to then, Sedona was an old mining town in Northern Arizona. After that? New Age Mecca. Groan.

The other part, as previously linked and noted? The birth charts of that generation in a generation, the Harmonic Convergence Millennials.

Both elements are in play, and the destination is similar. Different routes, but much of the same energies are at work within the cycles in circles.

By the time Saturn first enters Aquarius in this current cycle, the 1960s’ group will have finished a second Saturn Return, and the Harmonic Convergence Millennials will have finished Saturn frying not just the natal Saturn, but the rest of that host of Capricorn in their charts. The emphasis would be on that natal Neptune and Uranus, both in Capricorn.

Anno Mirabilis 1

Jupiter and Saturn will be freely floating through Capricorn for the duration of the year, wrapping up and then, paving the way for a new order, a new age, a new (something) for our collective future.

The warning, I suggested in the dawn of my career? The old order, the old, structured way won’t go down without a fight. Anticipate some backlash, some in-fighting, and some “push-back.”

Yeah, the Age of Pisces, with predominate religions based on a symbol of a fish? Probably not going to give up without rigorous rhetoric and ritual for a better understanding of one’s place with a one-to-one relationship with one’s own deities.

The difference between astrological ages is wide, but as we cycle into the Age of Aquarius, think that the lines are less distinct and more blurry, and the two generations mentioned, with their extra helping of Capricorn, 1960-2, and 1987-93, think about how those are ushering in the next millennium.

Anno Mirabilis 1

The year 2020 is a miracle year, and what we see is the culmination of at least two generations’ efforts to make the world a better place.

(1) Goggle translated that as “wonderful year,” but I’m less than enthused with computer translations, on some days. Google is neither a god nor an accurate oracle. – Kramer Wetzel

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