Privacy, Pirates, and this site

All websites comes with the technology to track every web browser, IP address, location, software, hardware, time the window remains open, and possible visual hotspots, placement of the mouse, or pointer, and maybe even keystrokes.

With that in mind, I’ve used a cursory glance at site stats to help refine decisions. There does come an overload of data. While it’s easy to get caught up looking at the data, there’s a micromanaging that can freeze any forward progress.

The current host is slick. Expensive, sure, but the “unlimited bandwidth” has issues that I’ve had issues with, and therefore?

There’s a portion of the web stats from this host I like: top files, and then, top files by I/O read/writes (think: bandwidth).

Still, although I could — we have the technology — track each visitor, there’s just too much incoming data. I need that info filtered.

Then, too, there’s the privacy concern. Big issue with me. There’s always Page Wash, but I’m not sure about the efficacy of that kind of site, not really.

Many years ago, my site was “hacked,” although, that’s not really what happened. A piece of “Lego” code, just a part of a larger structure was left not updated to current standards, exactly what happened here, too, and that means — when it happened to me, I just got some kids putting up a freak page, and I corrected it in less than half an hour.

One reason to pay the price, as in a higher percentage cut, for a gateway like PayPal to handle my online transaction? I’m not responsible for any credit card numbers, like, oh, I don’t know, Target?

The host logging software tracks IP addresses, and I think that gets retained for 90 days, but I don’t bother with any records older than that. Some months, I can’t be bothered to check at all. The mailing list does show a higher number of Apple iOS devices, but that’s because the mail program uses legal, white-hat tracking, and that plays nice with Apple.

What it amounts to? and its family of websites participate in affiliate programs, which means there are material connections between the ads, and

Full disclosure, pursuant to the fineprint.

How quickly it changes. Hosts and memories.

The latest is here.