Weird Computer Memories

My “desktop” computer, recent change for me, like, in the last three years, as I was nothing but laptop for more than a dozen years, but the big Mac needed a newer hard drive. “Need,” is a strong word, more like, I would breath easier if I wasn’t bumping the upper limits, what with video production, audio files, and images. Oh so many images.

While I like the Apple Store as much as the next Apple-fanboy geek, I’m less friendly when it comes to some of the upgrade policies.

That first Mac Plus? I had to crack the case open. We used a Pica Pole for that, pretty much a foot-long steel ruler with inches, points, agates, and picas. Then, instead of the expensive, special tool for removing the handle’s “Number (special)” Torx screws, we hammered an Allen wrench, suitably modified, into a length of copper tubing. Worked fine. DIY tools for cracking Macs.

That was then.

So to keep the big Mac under its extended Apple warranty, a certified shop has to do the swap.

I looked online. Reminded me of the “crack the Mac” days, but I opted to find a shop, instead.

I remember computer surgery, back then. Kitchen table, couple of tools, faith and a bright overhead light.

On the current iMac models, the front glass has to be removed, preferably with industrial strength suction cups. Technically, I could handle the job. Take me the better part of a day and several trips for tools. Or pay the shop and have them do it. Lovely place, overlooks the San Antonio airport’s west runway.

And pop in the new drive.