Dreyer’s English

Dreyer’s English

Dreyer’s English – Benjamin Dreyer

For me, the question is grammar books as a writer’s porn. Not much of a question. So, grammatically, I guess that’s not a question.

When I was last with my sister in Cal., Northern Cal., one excursion included a bookstore and that included her getting me a copy of Dreyer’s English — she heard it reviewed on NPR.

For me, it really isn’t much of a question, more a simple obsession with craft. I seriously doubt I will ever be a better writer, but I can work on the nuts and bolts of the business side of bumping nouns and verbs together.

In other words? Grammar.

What I learned so far? “Seriously doubt” are obviously crutch words of mine. Using the passive voice distances my writing from the sin.

Of all the books I have — about grammar, &c.? This one has to be my current favorite — witty, urbane, leftist while pretending to be “neither,” yes, good stuff.

“The color of the cuff doth indicate a certain privilege.”

But grammar is important. Usage changes, too. Language is a living, breathing beastie, not somewhat is etched in stone.

“But at a certain point I figured that if I was going to be fixing grammar for a living, I might do well to learn a little something about it, and that’s precisely what I did: I learned a little something about it. As little as I needed to.” Page 42.

Must say, supposedly about grammar, for non-grammar nerds, but this is more life-lessons material, no?

“Look for me tomorrow, and you shall find me a grave man.”

  • Mercutio in R&J (3.1.61)

Seemed appropriate. Little sword-play for word-play.
Dreyer‘ s English
Language is motile, a fungible asset. It changes, as times, meanings and migrations, languages collide, and mutate. Even grammar gods and language nerds understand this. The book tries to decipher and help with current codification.

Think: Oxford Dictionary in the streets; Urban Dictionary in the sheets.

Dreyer’s English

Dreyer’s English – Benjamin Dreyer

Dreyer’s English: An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style

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