How to Write a Sentence

How to Write a Sentence and How to Read One
By Stanley Fish

The tale starts much further back, and I’ve yet to dig for the referents, but one part of the tale has to do with the counter help in a Western Wear store, alongside the freeway, in San Marcos, TX.

I have no idea why the kid asked me a grammar question. I quoted, chapter and verse, Strunk and White’s Elements of Style.

My own wee Scorpio mum wanted to know where I got the title. Which launched into a long discourse about where I get my book recommendations from, one of which is a Sagittarius and another is a Taurus.

Then, too, I got this title from like from a review site that had a review of a review of the book. The review sucked. The book is sheer delight. While the book is available as an eBook, I had to see it, handle it, then buy, in a store. Wasn’t sure until I read the opening page.

Good stuff, and part way through the first chapter, expletives since I needed to stop, find something with which to write and underline. Margin notes &c.

I know the Kindle has the thing that does the thing, underlines or highlights and annotates. Not quite the same as underlining and margin notes, at least to me.

As a lover of words, this books takes that love one step beyond, and it’s about how words are assembled into sentences.

Rhetorically speaking.