Slow Horses

Slow Horses

Mentioned in book, as a book Davenport was reading, the protagonist in the Prey series, doing a quick Amazon fact-check, on a whim, I found a digital copy in the library. British secret agent stuff. Brisk and British. Started at the beginning, Slow Horses.

‘God,’ said Jackson Lamb. ‘Is it me, or did all the fun go out of everything round about 1979?’ Page 34.


“To pass for real in the world of the web she’d had to forget everything she’d ever known about grammar, wit, spelling, manners and literary criticism.” Page 65.

At the end. I’m thinking, more like Mornington Crescent, you know. Yeah, the setting reminds me of that station.

As much as a counter-espionage, thriller, spy novel? Set in a portion of London I remember so well, decades past. Not totally unpredictable, but complex enough shading with the characters and the setting, certainly a fresh series to start now.

Slow Horses

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