Anno Mirabilis 2

Anno Mirabilis 2

Over the years, I’ve got a love/hate relationship with so-called “social media.” All my links and various contact points?

Having been at this for a spell, though, I tend to have a slightly different point-of-view, some would suggest a bit skewed, for my own take on “social media.”

I don’t have “Facebook” on my phone, nor, for that matter on any of my tablets. Just a computer, and even then? Just via a web-based interface.

That’s merely an example.

When I first started writing about the generations and the Anno Mirabilis ahead? I realized I skipped an important piece of the puzzle, the elder millennials.

While I favor just astrology-based terms to define these elements, I did note, the 1959-61 (Saturn in Capricorn) with the Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction subset as key players in this next miracle year, I left out the rest of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction kids, mostly the 1980-81, and the Y2K kids. While I’ve referenced this before, the Saturn-Jupiter cycles, looking at that list?

This plays well with those circles in cycles. The idea is that the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions, especially the older “millennials,” that is a big part of the this 2020 change.

bewareSaturn is about structure, and its best symbols? Poignant even now? The old man with scythe, sometimes depicted as skeleton, come to harvest? Saturn cuts down what is no longer growing. Jupiter, flipping around the analogy, is Mr. Good Times. This brings out the best of the best, but also the worst of the worst. Best of the worst, in conjunction?

The Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions, about every 20 years or so, are moving from two centuries in earth signs to a century in air sign.

The anomaly in that list? Y2K (Taurus). Or 1981 (Libra).

Anno Mirabilis 2

What this means is that the “Life of the Mind” is growing out of that fertile, rich earth that is covered with seeds from the last two centuries. Old material, new material, old material in a fresh light?

One place this all becomes more apparent is our interaction with so-called “social media,” how we act, how we react, and what we do with it.

The only part of the “social media” I find entertaining, these days?

Bad Astrology.

What I like about it is that abundance of astrological-themed memes? A great number of them are good for entertainment, but astrologically not congruent with current practices. Like, “Aquarius: water signs…” (Aquarius is the Water-Bearer, an Air sign.)(1)

Social Media, as it turns out, is a very fragile structure spun up out of the airy firmament of the mind’s eye, yet social media in its various forms still offers insight into the collective sub-conscious. However, the loose congregation of social media, and its global impact with gradually eroding borders shows how this will work in our future.

Have to wonder, as we look forward towards what’s going — astrologically — in 2020? Was Marshall McLuhan correct? “The medium is the message?”

Anno Mirabilis 2

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(1) There will always be one. “I’m an Aquarius, and I don’t like being called an ‘airhead,’ so I am a water sign. So there.” – Kramer Wetzel

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