Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction

Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction

While this doesn’t represent a true, scientific sampling, all I wanted was a quick overview. I’ll make no claims as to accuracy.

Jupiter and Saturn, Jupiter is on a 12-year orbital pattern and Saturn is on a 28-year pattern. Means they are conjunct, that is, appear to line up next to each other in the sky, roughly every 20 years.

Elements and signs, really basic astrology containers, but as good a place as any, to start.

While I was only going to work on the last millennium, the pattern is easier to grasp when looking a little further afield.

Much earlier in my career, I would have parents coming to me with the charts of the first of the so-called “millennial” generation, specifically, 1980-ish birthdays. In 1980, Saturn and Jupiter, not technically conjunct but close at hand, 1980, in Virgo, then, technically, conjunct, in Libra in 1981. However, as I tend to point out in one-to-one readings, I have an enormous fondness for that 1980 (ish) grouping. It’s the native brilliance from two planets, close to each other.

In the early double-aughts, I would start seeing these 1980-82 birthdays on their own, for readings. That ties back to the 1603 conjunction, duly noted in other academic areas (it’s a Shakespeare thing.) The play-goers would emerge as the sun would be setting, and there would be Saturn and Jupiter, the most brilliant of “stars,” brightly seen in the evening, chasing the sun.

The original question was about significant planetary motions that are easy to grasp and see.

Trends, too. Plus hope for the future.

Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction

    789 Pisces — Water

    809 Sagittarius — Fire
    829 Leo — Fire

    848 Pisces — Water

    868 Sagittarius — Fire
    888 Leo — Fire
    908 Aries — Fire
    928 Sagittarius — Fire
    948 Leo — Fire
    967 Aries — Fire
    988 Sagittarius — Fire

    1007 Virgo — Earth

    1027 Aries — Fire

    1067 Virgo — Earth
    1087 Taurus — Earth
    1107 Capricorn — Earth
    1127 Virgo — Earth
    1146 Taurus — Earth
    1166 Capricorn — Earth

    1186 Libra — Air

    1206 Taurus — Earth

    1226 Aquarius — Air
    1246 Libra — Air
    1265 Gemini — Air
    1285 Aquarius — Air

    1305 Scorpio — Water

    1326 Gemini — Air
    1345 Aquarius — Air

    1365 Scorpio — Water

    1385 Gemini — Air
    1405 Aquarius — Air

    1425 Scorpio — Water
    1444 Cancer — Water
    1464 Pisces — Water
    1484 Scorpio — Water
    1504 Cancer — Water
    1524 Pisces — Water
    1544 Scorpio — Water
    1563 Cancer — Water
    1583 Pisces — Water

    1603 Sagittarius — Fire
    1623 Leo — Fire

    1643 Pisces — Water

    1663 Sagittarius — Fire
    1682 Leo — Fire
    1702 Aries — Fire
    1723 Sagittarius — Fire
    1742 Leo — Fire
    1762 Aries — Fire
    1782 Sagittarius — Fire

    1802 Virgo — Earth

    1821 Aries — Fire

    1842 Capricorn — Earth
    1861 Virgo — Earth
    1881 Taurus — Earth
    1901 Capricorn — Earth
    1921 Virgo — Earth
    1940 Taurus — Earth
    1961 Capricorn — Earth

    1980 Libra — Air

    2000 Taurus — Earth

    2020 Aquarius — Air
    2040 Libra — Air
    2060 Gemini — Air
    2080 Aquarius — Air
    2100 Libra — Air
    2119 Gemini — Air
    2140 Aquarius — Air

Quick thoughts. The last cycle like this was the Renaissance — putatively the Dark Ages ending with an Earth Series of connections then, the enlightenment that followed with an Air Series.

Likewise, 1800 to 2000 has been Earth — again. The one I recall the strongest, me sitting in a tiny trailer in South Austin (less than 400 square feet), me sitting there at the moment, wondering what the future would hold, as there was pile up in Taurus. Momentary, but significant. May 2-3, 2000, if I recall. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, all in Taurus. (5/4-3/2000)

In the ensuing years, what has changed? Just about everything. There is a nascent renewal process, an awakening, and funny, to me, the catch phrase was “Woke.”

With the Air elements firmly established soon — though — one of the more interesting — to me — pieces of this puzzle is how quick a meme comes and then goes. What term carries great significance at the time, but quickly becomes media fodder, then ridiculed, then, as ironic symbols for what it was once.


Late night TV, a few weeks back. Looking at the listings, seeing what was stored on the DVR, I noticed that “Dead and Co.” was playing one late night show.

Remnants of the original counter-culture, hippie jam-band, The Grateful Dead, what was left, on mainstream TV, in other word, part of the media circus. Not very counter culture, eh?

Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction

The next one is in three years, 2020 in Aquarius. Means Jupiter will have traipsed through Sagittarius, and Capricorn, and Saturn will be exiting Capricorn, then. Also suggests, as an echo back to 1980? While not technically “conjunct,” Jupiter and Saturn will flirt with each other in the year leading up to that.

“Well hello there.”

Repeat of a cycle that include enlightenment.

We have seen this before.

Previous observations.

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