Electional Astrology

A Rough Guide to Electional Astrology

Kramer Wetzel’s Quick and Dirty Guide to Electional Astrology — for astrofish.net.

Ask the Astrologer (#x)

Starts with the Moon Phase Workshop, with a handy Balsamic Moon footnote.

Several months back, I stumbled into an arcane astrological reference manual, in a used book bookstore. The book’s title indicated it was about Electional Astrology, which it is.

The challenge being, picking an exact date and time can be a tricky proposition. It’s part of my day job as an astrologer, though.

A Rough Guide to Electional Astrology

As a rough guide, there are a couple of quick pointers, the first, being Moon Sign. Moon Void-of-Course, and then, spin the planets so there are no hard angles, like squares and oppositions.

The Void-of-Course Moon, that depends, like, for filing taxes? File when the Moon is Void.

Want it to last and last and last? Do it under a growing moon, and preferably with a fixed sign.

Adjusting timing is done to get the rising sign then subsequent house placements optimized.

A Rough Guide to Electional Astrology

Do this long enough, and it’s easy to spot quick actions. Not always best, and this is one of the years, as I’ve observed before, “Just make the best of worst dates.”


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