Moon Signs

Moon Sign Workshop (short format):

Stardust Motel

Stardust Motel

Client asked for this, and I was running through some of this material when I was teaching an astrology workshop. It’s about the phase of the moon, the symbols and a quick guideline for making the most of the phases. Works like this:

Dark Moon, the first quarter, New Moon starts when the Moon is aligned with the Sun. In astrology chatter, the Moon is Conjunct the Sun. Happens every 28.5 days, or so, and each new moon event like that has a different flavor. A different sense, a different definition, depending on the sign, as influenced by the season. Works better, for me, in the Northern Hemisphere.

From that point when the Moon aligns with the Sun? My shorthand is “new moon,” which, strictly speaking isn’t accurate, but I’m not going to squabble over details. To me, that’s the starting point. When the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign? That’s the place to start. That’s the beginning point. If I want something to last, I’d start it in a Fixed Sign, as an example.

From that point where the sun aligns with the moon? From that to the halfway point? That’s the first quarter moon. That first crescent, usually a day or two after the dark? That’s the classical “New Moon.”

First Quarter Moon: start. Get going. Get on the ball, get on the stick, get with the plan, get with the program. Insert an “action statement” to help fulfill a goal. About 7 days. Good time to get going.

Plant the seeds.

From the halfway point, Moon Square Sun (astrology banter), to the Full Moon (Moon Oppose Sun)? Still in “launch” mode. Still in push forward, making good headway mode. Progress. Seven days of progress.

Water the seeds.

Full Moon is when the Sun and the Moon are in opposite signs. Typically, this is a time to see the fruits of the efforts, started approximately 14 days earlier.

Personal observation: when I ran a bar, I found that liquor sales would gradually increase up to the full moon, and then taper off right after the full moon. Compounded with the nasty aftermath of the full moon? Three days after the full moon? Usually had to call the cops to drag out unruly patrons.

From the Full Moon, that’s the point of harvest, but from the Full Moon to the halfway point again, another seven days, it’s the Third Quarter Moon.

Third Quarter Moon is all about gathering up what has been reaped. In other words, exploit what seeds were sown in the New Moon cycle. The Third Quarter Moon is a Waning moon.

Water the plants.

Last Quarter Moon? Finish it up. Stop, pause as the moon gets smaller and smaller. Reflect upon what worked, what didn’t work. What seeds grew strong and vibrant and yielded the best harvest? What would be best to planet on the next new moon?

Cycle starts over.

Weed the garden.

The Fixed signs are Taurus (Earth), Leo (Fire), Scorpio (Water), and Aquarius (Air). Yes, Aquarius is an Air sign, its symbol is the Water-Bearer. So dark moon or new moon energy when the sun is in any of these signs? There’s a certain sticking power.

Now, for a personal example. I bought a garden variety “succulent” a year ago. New Moon in Taurus. Two years ago, really, come think about it. Anyway, New Moon in Taurus. It started out in one planter, and that same plant has spawned, grown and mutated to occupy three planters now. Took over.

About a month later, 28 days later? I bought a similar plant, new moon in Gemini? Yeah, that second plant never made it.

Just goes to show.

This material is reflected in the up-to-date horoscopes, although I try to make the points more entertaining.

Fishing by the Moon?
Separate topic. What I’ve found? There are a couple of Solar-Lunar guidelines. I tend to follow the simplest, the dark of the moon, and the full moon. But then, in my book? Any day is a good day to fish.

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