Balsamic Moon

Stardust Motel

Stardust Motel

It’s a term, as an astrologer, I’ve long since used this phase of the moon and coordinated its implications in my horoscopes — and related readings — but I’m new to the term.(1)

The “Balsamic Moon” — as I see it — is that last, little sliver before new. For example, the astrological new moon is in Scorpio; therefore, the balsamic moon is when the moon enters Libra, the sign before the new moon’s sign.

It can be observed, a day or two before the new moon, as the thinnest crescent shape of a moon, almost dark, right before sun rise. Usually disappears in the daylight.

As a fisherman, it’s a good time, not great, but good time to fish. It’s also deeply symbolic of real worlds issues. I’m not talking about artsy-fartsy, ethereal “karmic” issues, not playing on the astral plane, but solid, tangible tasks and goals. Since this is the tail-end of the lunar cycle, it’s about that one, last “thing” that needs attention.

A new moon is a time of inception, conception, commencement. Look at the almanac, it’s a time of planting new seeds for the most bountiful crop. If that is the new moon, then the period of time before the new moon is best spent preparing, possibly completing that single, last item on the “I’m getting around to it” list.(2)

    (1) Not entirely true, but as far the term in specific astrological terminology, yeah, new to me.
    (2) There is no try, only do.

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