Saturn Exeunt

Saturn Exeunt

As Saturn exits Sagittarius, in a single day, I had at least two rather strange encounters.

San Antonio itself is a sprawling series of communities, first incorporated as a supply and support military position, in 1718. The side of the sheriff patrol vehicles note that it was “Bexar County” in 1731.

That’s right, we’re old!

Strange times in a strange land.

I was on the south-west side of the city, sprawling, under-developed subdivisions, Air Force and Army base remnants, highway super structures under construction, and the collision of old and new.

Local chain of sporting good stores, great place for fishing gear, I stopped in one of the newer locations to pick up a few items. Straggling in, I was wearing some clothing from the previous day, my hair long, and held in place by a ball cap. Hat had the name of a certain West Coast Coffee Roaster on it, not that it matters.

I know I looked lost, but I was apprising certain gear choices for the spring, thinking about what I would do after Xmas. An employee, a male, supposedly older than me, was trailing along behind me, he said something about my long hair.

Sounded like, “That’s some long hair,” then mumbled background noise.

He quietly suggested something else, I didn’t hear, then asks, louder, “How long have you been growing it?”

I just grinned, nodded, “Long time,” and let it slide.

Been growing my hair long, wearing it long, all my adult life. Never really knew it was thing.

Saturn Exeunt

The very moment Saturn slides into Capricorn — Saturn like Capricorn — I get noticed.

Later in the day, I’d been home and changed, and I had donned a more appropriate attire, a pink overtone bandana with Santa Clauses and other Xmas themed crap. Shorts. It warmed up. Back in shorts, Hawaiian-themed Xmas shirt, topped with a pink bandana.

It was my second lap through a Costco, and unlike the previous trip, twice in one day, it’s the holidays, there was no more food samples. I can make a whole meal out of samples of pasta, sausage, toast, bean dip, and bacon.

“You’re not shopping; you’re grazing.”

Can’t argue with success. But that second time, the holiday crush, no samples. My basket had a case of water, a child’s toy, and a single bottle of vitamins that are just really less expensive at the Costco. Nutritional supplement, whatever.

But no more food samples. Had a hot dog on the way out the door. Standing there, it was $1.50 for a hot dog and drink, I had the drink cup in hand, wondering if I should just have water.

An attractive, age-appropriate woman looks up at me, “It’s pink! That is SO cool!”

For more than 20 years now, I’ve been wearing Xmas bandanas at the appropriate holiday time. First time I got noticed, at least, in recent memory.

Unsolicited approvals. Twice in one day. Just as Saturn exits Sagittarius, or as the stage directions read?

Saturn Exeunt


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