Tablet versus NoteBook

Tablet versus NoteBook

To be honest, this should go much further, given my background — see for details.

iPad versus MacBook Pro

For the last — has it only been a few short years?

For the last few years, I’ve toted a laptop (MacBook Pro) plus various iPad’s, but gradually, I did go back to just using a notebook computer instead of desktop. No desktop computer at all. Portable. Totally unfettered with restraints.

Tablet versus NoteBook

The other morning, when the planets were just right, I unplugged the home computer and rebooted it with a diagnostic and optimization tool. The current Mac OS does a good job of optimizing on the fly, but I’m kind of old school, so diagnostics and corrective maintenance makes me feel better.

    It was a Virgo Moon thing.

What I hadn’t factored in, the process, this was running off a thumb drive, so the little laptop started grinding and optimizing, and it became a 24–hour process. More like 36 hours, I have a lot of data. Many directories to rebuild, apparently. Maybe I’m a little scattered?

So, the first inclination, I have an Apple keyboard/iPad Pro set–up, just use it.

At the end of the day, in Austin or San Antonio, I’ll revert back to just using the iTablet to cast a chart and record the consultation. While I have a good chart program on the iPad, the Mac astrology program feels more industrial, more robust. Additionally, I have close to 16,000 charts I’ve examined, all stored there.

Tablet versus NoteBook

For two–three years, I used an Apple MacBook Air as a companion. It even slept with me for a while, as it was useful, and with its solid-state drive, not prone to errors from knees shaking. I passed it on to a buddy whose three year-old eventually killed the cover’s hinge. Some things are just not made to last, but that baby went for more than three years, for sure. It was always up to the task of web work. Lasted at least two more years with that kid, and that one is hard on equipment.

Tablet versus NoteBook

The single stumbling point, the biggest hurdle, the glaring mistake?

By the time the iPad Word Processor — I was using Apple’s Pages — by the time I got to the October Horoscopes for this year, the little iPad was lagging. Over 100K words with minimal formatting, but still, shouldn’t cause too much trouble? A dedicated laptop handles that amount of texts with ease, not even breaking a sweat.

For certain website maintenance issues, the NoteBook computer excels. Could be the way I’m used to working, too. However?

Tablet versus NoteBook

After temporarily switching my horoscopes to that Ulysses app, the speed on the tablet picked back up. In part, because the new app requires a slightly different work–flow, but it still works.

From word processor straight to web motor, that was a goal, previously stated and now fully delivered. On top of that? In the Tablet versus NoteBook engagement? With an ability to sync across the cloud — cloud myth busting — my most recent — proprietary — content is safely accessible from a variety of devices, most notably, an itablet–thing.

Tablet versus NoteBook

The NoteBook computer eventually killed my various desktop computers. My tablet might eventually kill the notebook.

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