The Blessing and Curses of a Virgo Moon

Stardust Motel

Stardust Motel

With the tropical zodiac, Western Astrology to some, the sign and symbolism of the natal moon carries deep meaning. Understanding the Virgo Moon, when the natal moon is in the sign of Virgo, understanding this placement requires a simple side-step to understand elements and qualities of the Virgo symbolism, in general.

Virgo is the Sixth Sign in the Tropical Zodiac. Its symbol is The Virgin, a pure maiden, and the sign itself is Earth Elemental, Mutable Quality and the planet association is Mercury. Typically, in more modern astrological circles, there are also asteroid associations with Virgo, as well.

The inherent symbolism is understood best by looking at the astrology glyph for Mercury. The glyph looks like a little stick figure with antennae, a pair of high-frequency, high-gain receivers, constantly tuning and searching the airwaves for more data. Virgo, through this association, is an analytical sign, and those antennae are always tuned to find more data.

The upside, positive attributes of the Virgo Moon is the ability to analyze, think deeply, and still have a strong grasp of attention to detail. This moon sign, in its finest form, can see the big picture and still worry about the details.

The downside is that the paralysis by analysis that can occur from gathering too much information and trying that assimilate overload of data.

Another element that is frequently overlooked with the Virgo Moon sign is the inherent sensuality, as Virgo is a strong Earth Element, mutable, but still very tactile. Touch, feel, frequently clean and polished, but still the effort is there, and the required underpinning is touch. Most Virgo Moon characters prefer the “touch” element to be clean, possibly sterile, but spotless and without tarnish, as a very minimum.

A singular, yet perfect illustration was one Virgo Moon person, when queried, “Do you like to shower (bath) before sex or afterwards?”

The telling answer?

“Why not both times?”

This illustrates the essential Virgo characteristics, over and over, with an emphasis on redundancy and perhaps, a little overachieving. Again, these are generalities, but in one form (or another), this type of behavior is found as a common theme with the Virgo Moon characters.

The typical generality is to consider the Virgo essence a perfectionist. What is often an exquisite attention to detail, and superlative ability to perceive the minute inadequacies of a situation, that perfectionism carries the wrong idea. Good and goodly, sure, but nothing is ever perfect.

There’s another common sentiment that runs with this Lunar Placement in Western horoscopes, the idea that there is less overt romanticism, which in comparison, leaves a little bit lacking. The romantic notions, emotions are associated with the Moon, and the romantic notions with a Virgo Moon tend to be more borne out of compassion rather than over-the-top passionate love.

Fastidious, sometimes to a fault, compassionate, and well-read, possibly quite bookish, in a good sense, the Virgo Moon person is best when left with intellectual pursuits to appease that active mind.

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  • rhubarb Jan 23, 2012 @ 16:43

    Once again, KW, you perceive so well that it’s positively eerie. Thank you for this entry.

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