My Favorite Device

My Favorite Device from a link? “My favorite device…”

My favorite? For a few years, I loved my Apple Air, one of the early Air models, a lightweight, full keyboard experience. Very light weight, compared with the old days of lugging around laptops, as I’ve done for most of my professional career as an occasional road warrior. That first Mac Air also had my first Solid State Hard Drive. No moving parts beside the keyboard and the little flip-down USB port. And the hinge. Five years later it was the hinge that gave out.

Easy enough to hold on my lap in bed. Can do that with just about any of the Mac Book Pro models, now, but at the time, it was something.

Gradually, though, this has shifted. My first iPad was a gift, a perfect gift as it was something that I wanted, but I could see no justification to buy one, not from a realistic perception. No need, phone or laptop was always at hand, didn’t need a “tablet,” which was a new type of device at the time.

Before my iPad Air arrived, I caught discount sale for a free (plus $5 shipping) case. However, I also picked up the Apple leather iPad case, for the Air. Never been out of it. Parts of the leather have a worn feel to them, now. The Smart Cover is a little floppy, as I’ve used it that much.

This iPad, the one I use mostly, these days, it’s a library, not as a metaphor, but online local library, which really does put a worldly library on a tablet.

While I can process credit card payments with my phone, I’ve found that customers are a lot happier when I hand them a tablet to sign.

I still haven’t found an iPad Astrology Chart Program that works for me. I’ve got several, and they operate with varying degrees of success, but I’m used to my software, as I’ve found it to be more accurate, and quicker, than any other way to calculate an astrology chart.

E-mail? Websites? Almost all of that is better on the iPad.

It is, now, my favorite device.