Media Predictions – 2013 and Beyond

The kick off for this was an article that I read, the first paragraph or so, where it mentioned — I think — one of my favorite British tabloids that masquerades as news, and how that paper — media — has properly transitioned into the new millennia going online.

My first take-away is that modern media outlets, like papers, local TV, everything, needs to be ready to break the big story, then, as a business, “monetize” that story.(1)

In the early days of the inter-webs, recall I’ve been online since this stuff blew wide open, I used to stream a radio station called KPIG. Mentioned in a Robert Earl Keen song, too. At the time, the station was a local place someplace along the Left Coast. In one of the early web entertainment rulings, KPIG(2) got knocked offline for a while. Still a local radio, but I was always fascinated with their playlists. They played a ton of what was, at the time, “Austin” music. I didn’t listen long, but the songs were better than any station in Austin, at the time, and better than my own playlists.

Those were DSL days. One step above dial-up, but not a long step. I used to run a webcam off dial-up.

What intrigued me beyond the less-that-bleeding-edge tech and exceptional stable of artists, was the advertising. While its reach was seriously global, the ads, that I recall, were strictly local.

That was what made it appealing, in its short run with my attention span.

My coastal connections, South Texas style, when I’m there, I’m seriously appalled by the local news. Then again, the local advertising is wonderful in its bad content and lack of taste. Which is why I watch — it’s like a train wreck. Paying attention to smaller markets and what is done, these area keys to local flavors.

If San Antonio is the gateway to South Texas, then its news reflects that older, more mature outlook. Can’t watch any local news without gratuitous FB allusions.

I’m not predicting media trends. I would think, though, that when someone’s image, perhaps facial, FaceBook badge kind of image, gets exploded and generates tons of income for the “mothership,” the owner of that visage would like to see a percentage of the income.

A lesson from my own business history, hard-earned, there was an astrology website that was all one big-name, and that one big-name did little of the real work, farming out most of the actual authoring to low-paid freelance. The “personality-driven” material was tossed.

I’m still here, and that mega-site has been absorbed, re-asborded and spun off numerous times with no real sense of direction, except, last time I looked, and it’s been years, the place was starting to give some authors bylines.

I’m still here, and I’m still cheaper than parking — five years ago.

Predictions for the future?

Ask how many of the current pundits have last last year’s predictions up and easily linked?

    (1) “Monetize” is the term I’ve read, repeatedly, about how to “make money on the internet,” which, in and of itself, is another overused term. Get enough traffic, and advertising revenue supports a decent income. Unless you get google slapped.

    (2)KPIG now has apps and inter webs radio stations and all the cool stuff.

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