The Dreaded Google Smack

The Dreaded Google Slap

I’m guessing I need to get active again on some of the other ad networks. Google’s AdSense decided there was something amiss with my account, and they suspended it. AdSense serves “context sensitive” ads, and the funny part, to me, was that just as Mercury turned retrograde, I dropped the ads from the front page.

Couple of weeks back, I was chatting online and one client asked why I had an ad for some online university. When I looked, I saw ads for horoscopes. Ads are, were, served based on the browser and Google’s whim.

The whim also ruled to suspend me. Ad words omitted. The ad revenue has only been, maybe, $100 a year, but still the amount paid for bandwidth for a month.

Worried about it?

Too much trouble to appeal, etc. Just run the Amazon ads now. Besides, I like books.

And go back to AdBrite. Same deal.