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Subtitle — apps for the phone

In the quiet, blissful Sunday per-dawn, I was poking around last week’s computer news. I clicked trough on an app that promised analog digital editing on the phone. Interesting, as I already have a handful of just such applications, and which ones do I think are best, even indispensable?

What ten apps should be on every phone?

The Camera+ app regularly supplanted my favorite predecessor, the as the Go-To tool for digital manipulation. Even now, that app, I’ve used it once, is being replaced by the SnapSeed app. That’s one I got for the iPad, liked it so much on that platform that I tried it on the phone. Not quite as good, but still serviceable with the output equerry showing up in the sidebar of the horoscopes.

That makes it a professional production tool.

I’ve also used the, but I don’t even have that loaded on the phone. Just an iPad app, and it has better border controls, more interesting, to me, visually.

The only limitation in SnapSeed is the border selections, all of them are “ripped shadowed shaded” edges. Analog, but all the same, after a few tires.

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