Hardware Software and Three-in-a-row

My ubiquitous side-project — BexarCountyLine.com — yielded up a happy coincidence when Mercury was Retrograde, to wit, i.e., e.g., and so on….

A now-closed and shuttered vintage store. Hardware: iPhone. Software, from the pictures border, Camera+, and I’d guess it’s the updated version. Not sure. Walking to the post office one afternoon, along fabled Alamo Street.

One of the first signs that started the side project in the first place, Safety Parking (tourist welcome). Used to be, maybe a half-dozen years ago, $3. My subscriptions were cheaper, then. Still are. The hardware was the latest fishing camera, a red “point-and-click,” but the manipulation, post production messing with pixels? Done on an iPad.

Finally, the unrehearsed flower close-up. Didn’t mess with a thing. Saw it, I think I was talking to a client on the phone, hey baby, snapped phone images and looked a few hours later to be amazed.

That set of three rolled over in on the side-project, one right after another, and to have three in a row that were good, at least, by my definition, that surprised me.

Even I’ll tell you not every picture in the collections is good.