Must have iPad and iPhone apps

I thought I should break this down, but there’s much crossover material.

1. First up on my list would be an astrology program. I’ve played with several. I recently stumbled into AstroLabe’s Celeste and it replaced my old iPhone only (electronic) pocket ephemeris. That free Astrolabe app replaces them all.

2. Perhaps the most important app I run is iPad-only, at least for me, is Apple’s Pages. Or iPage, or Works, or iWorks, I don’t recall the name. The word processor. Use it the most.

3. Mostly on the iPhone, but with the new iPad’s camera, maybe there, too, at least, it is installed, the camera apps. I bought and used almost exclusively for a year or more until I got hooked on I’ve tried several other, but I’m happy with those two, so far.

4. On the iPhone, the built in weather display seems to work quite well. Regrettably, the exact same function isn’t available on the iPad. Stymied, I don’t have an answer. I’m still looking.

5. Kindle for the iPad. I can’t imagine reading a book on a phone, but the free Kindle app works well.

6. Server admin: the backend. I bought an app for the current server’s backend. Access to the control panel’s function, to manage the functions and domains.

7. – early adopters, we do have certain bragging rights. I signed up early, and what’s amusing now? It’s also available in big box stores for ten bucks or so. Still free online, and still the most competitive price for credit card transactions. Used to be 15 cents per transaction and 2.75%, but the transaction fee has been dropped.

8. FaceBook, etc. the only iPad one I stuck with was the FB native app. I tried several. Crashed, lacked function, and so forth. For Twitter, I’m using an aggregator called Hoot Suite. Really, they should learn better names. I’m still looking for a better RSS reader, something that picks up my feeds from Google. Unlike the masses, I’m less than impressed with Flipboard, despite accolades and installed user base.

9. Number Guru. Whether it’s for the iPhone, or the iPad, I consistently use this free app to look spam calls.

The list covers one platform but two pieces of equipment. Honorable mentions, that list should include all the Apple branded and produced applications, like Numbers (spreadsheet), Keynote (presentations and screen video), GarageBand, and iMovie. In addition, the MagicJack free phone app gets a nice notice, but I’m not sold on it yet. Kind of weird, talking on the phone on an iPad.

Apple iTunes

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  • Rhubarb Jan 5, 2012 @ 12:09

    9. Are you able to determine owner of cell phone number when you get an unidentified call? I don’t answer my cell when I don’t know the caller, and I’d love a way to figure out who it was so I can decide whether or not to call them back. Too many robo calls in L.A. to risk having your cell phone number escape into the wild “out there”.

  • Kramer Wetzel Jan 5, 2012 @ 14:25

    Yes, and I can’t recommend that place enough, that app, high enough. Number Guru.

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