The first blush of a wet spring’s flowers is starting to fade. The Bluebonnets are starting to go to seed. Not quite the bumper crop I was hoping for but then, weather and conditions being what they are…

Weathermen and astrologers, we’re so much alike, only, I’m sure my results hold up better over time, compared to the local weather forecasters. Who else can be wrong half the time and not experience retribution?

I walked past a spot alongside the creek. Last year, there was a single, brilliantly blooming hibiscus, a favorite image anyway, and this was a special. Virginal white with a ruby heart that tended towards shades of deep purple, depending on season, timing and light.

The flowers were spectacular, last summer, I think that one plant opened up with some flowers that were up to half-foot across. Huge, colorful yet delicate, too, with those ruby-red and dark purple hues.

Someone, grounds keeper is a likely culprit, cut the bush back to nothing.

Makes poignant statement about the nature of art and its fleeting images.

Bexar County Line

Bad Book covers:
Really, supposedly bad SF covers, but it’s an open-ended discussion.

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Bible Studies:
Noah’s Ark. Sure, trust that news source.


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(Mercury is Retrograde, and I was digging through the archives for a certain image.)

Some pictures:
The premise is, some pictures just aren’t any good. Although, in this example, there was a moment, like the cartoon thought bubble, and it all meant something deep at the time.

“I can see by the look on your face that the art failed.”

Not a problem. The premise stands, not every picture is good.