Limits of Hardware

Coastal Hibiscus

Coastal Hibiscus

The image is capture from the front of the motel in Rockport, and the limits of personal technology means I wasn’t sure if the auto-focus would pull an image like the heart of that Hibiscus.

Without delving into repetitive phrases, it’s a bifurcated issue, buy better cameras, lens, hardware toys, and get those better images – like that macro shot, or stick with cheap and available cameras, what I’m used to. Cheap, almost disposable, but handy and available.

Limits of hardware, and where to direct resources? So I won’t have the fancy hardware, but the option to have something at the right time? Works.

I’m sure there’s a message in here, too, but I can’t seem to figure out what it was. There are days when my destination is clearly unmarked.

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