Dr Pepper Milkshake

Dr Pepper Milkshake Two icons, flavors, twin iconic images, and for me, an interesting biographical footnote, as I did grow up in the shade of the old Dr Pepper plant — the old plant location long subsumed in current metastasizing growth. Never mind history. A wayward, road-weary stop at the one iconic place, What-a-Burger lead Dr Pepper Milkshake


Price: Got to wondering about the price of a link. Not, like, a link of sausage, but a link from one of my sites. The stats that I’ve subscribed to, over the years, just as trend, I’m just outside of the top ten percent. The price of a link, I’ve got one advertiser paying me Cost

Travel Theme

For those who travel. (Pay respects and copy forward – link back.) Backpack, shoulder bag, purse. “Man-bag.” That daily carry bag, the briefcase, from the days of yore. Here’s the game: Empty out your daily carry, be it backpack, purse, briefcase. Post a photo of the daily gear bag and all that gear. Gather the Travel Theme