Got to wondering about the price of a link. Not, like, a link of sausage, but a link from one of my sites. The stats that I’ve subscribed to, over the years, just as trend, I’m just outside of the top ten percent. The price of a link, I’ve got one advertiser paying me $20 per link, each month, so that gives me a clear-cut price. A month’s worth of links, like, in all 4 weeks’ horoscopes?

ASTROFISH.NET: No credit check required!

There’s a problem with the thinking, though, and what I tend to do is pop in links that amuse me. Stuff I find that excites, annoys, enlightens, or, best of all, just amuses me. Kind of ruins that price tag. But please, feel free to click on advertising.


Facts check out. And I’m forever indebted to Hunter Thompson for reminding me that a bible is available in just about every motel. Need a quote at 3 in the AM?

“French Breaded Asparagus” (Product of Mexico)
Food Channel:
No Reservations with some hotshot writer guy who writes about food, and rides a BMW motorcycle. I’d seen him before, on the food channel, so a girlfriend Tivoed (is that even a real word?) what looked like a tasty treat – South Western Food. Food Channel, should be food, not political commentary, correct?

Del Rio, TX – Ciudad Acuna, Piedras Negras. Undisclosed greasy meat on a small, handmade corn tortilla, fresh chopped onions and fresh chopped cilantro liberally sprinkled on top – wait. East Austin. I’ve got pictures, buried on the website. Don’t have to speak Mexican, but it helped at the time. East Austin is little more tawny these days. Uppity comes to mind.

A few years back it was less than $4 for five of those little tacos, like the guy on TeeVee had. Only, I don’t ride motorcycles anymore. Just for the sake of peace, too, I make an effort not to talk to police unless it’s a social visit.

Food Porn:
“Chilaquiles, the Spanish version of trailer trash (dash) stoner food.”
(Chilaquiles is the Mexican and/or TexMex antecedent to strict TexMex Migas.)

I’m an early adopter – bleeding edge technology – when it comes to the Apple iPhone. Got in early. Upgraded late. However, I do have a 3G, insert all kinds of boosterism fanboy language here. I’m a minimalist when it comes to gadget accessories.

I’ve found two items that are add-on, and worth ponying up the extra bucks for, check them out. The first is a case. But not any case, it’s the least expensive option I’ve found. A simple case. Just a rubber glove, really, not much more than a grip and minimalist cushioning for the phone. Black. Does come in a number of colors, but really, black goes with every outfit. Simple is better. Simple is good. No hooks, no dangles, just competent coverage. I tried a number of different holsters, cases, belt buckles and straps. Seriously, the simple black case. I’ve dropped the phone and the case protected the corner.

Makes the outside of the phone a little “grippy.” Doesn’t slide as easily, like, into my pocket. The obvious positive attribute is the phone doesn’t slide out my pocket as easy, either.

After looking, trying and even buying a few, the best case? Still that simplest of rubber sleeves.

ASTROFISH.NET: Now with Home Delivery!

Some people are fashion-oriented(1), or shoe-oriented(2) or handbag-oriented(3), and I do tend towards a luggage fetish. That being noted, the simplest case? Still works best.

One of those cases went with the kid who inherited my old phone. Likes it best, too. Still working, still taking a licking.

One of the purported uses for an iPhone is listening to music, but it has to be done with the “oh so cool” white earbuds since there’s a microphone on the right wire. Might be the left, I can’t tell. Over time, I became gradually indifferent and unsatisfied with the audio output in an urban environment. Or on a plane. Or in the car. Excellent for phone calls, but problematic for pure audio. Not bad, just not the best. Compound that with the problem of the phone jack, a four-part mini-phono, and there’s the issue.

The inline microphone is a matter of ultimate cool and form that was, in effect, really well-designed. And the earphones are good, they just don’t seal well in my ear (canal). So that brings up the best idea, a jack that includes a clip-on microphone and plug for a regular set of earphones. Ear buds. Headset. Whatever.

ASTROFISH.NET: Now with Office Delivery!

Best accessory, so far. I snagged a pair of noise-canceling “in-ear” ear buds for less than ten bucks. Added to that microphone? The best test is when I switch from the factory ear buds, I have to turn the volume down but with the older ones, I have to crank it to hear as well. I suspect much of that is from the “in-ear” seal. Ceiling wax.

The iPod/iPhone accessory business is a huge market. At of all that? The simplest is sometimes the best.

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  • ssmith04 Feb 16, 2009 @ 10:14

    One of the things I like best about you is your combinations of opposites. You know food and like good food, but you’ll go for greasy meat on a mamacita tortilla. You go barefoot and barechested, with hair down to there, but you’re a geeky early adoptor. You speak Mexican, with a degree in Shakespeare. I feel a certain kinship.

    and my answer to the above is that they ain’t opposites at all, just different aspects of the same person. I, too, dress the way it’s comfortable. I have the job I have now because I’m an early adoptor and now the whole school district uses my program. I wear jeans and tees and sandals whenever I can, in all but the most extreme weather.

    My hair is cut short up to here, mostly because I won’t be defined by what women are supposed to look like.

    Contradictions? Sagittarius? Don’t be silly.

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