Snoopy’s Pier

Snoopy’s Pier Properly, Snoopy’s is in Corpus Christi, however, emotionally, and quite literally, it’s near the terminus of Padre Island. On the inshore waterway, the restaurant is a staple for island fare. Been going there many years. Always loved it. Personal preference? Fried oyster meal. Platter. Basket. Or, properly, a plastic plate. The trick is Snoopy’s Pier

Fish Camp

Chews: For a dozen years or more, I’ve limited myself to very specific “shoes.” At first, it was strictly sport sandals and cowboy boots, and later, that evolved into just sandals and boots. For a while, I had a pair of Justin lace-up work boots, but they were, in the strictest sense, cowboy boots. I’ve Fish Camp

Known limits

Part of this story will be included, I hope, in the weekly video, as it’s an apt lesson, about limits. Part of it is captured as a single “shadow shot” for a Sunday image. The ramp fee at that one marina is, as posted, $3.00 – might seem a bit steep to just use the Known limits